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Who We Are

Scouts BSA Troop 94 is located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and is a member of the Southern Shore District of the Jersey Shore Council.  We are chartered by the Mainland PBA Local #77.  

We meet Tuesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 PM weekly except for the first Tuesday of the month which is reserved for our monthly Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting.  Due to COVID our meeting location changes and is more than likely to be outside.  If you plan on visiting with us, please email Scoutmasters@ehttroop94.com to find out where we may be during your planned visit.


Troop 94 stays active year round with weekly meetings and monthly weekend trips, including general camping, climbing, fishing, boating, shooting, wilderness survival, pioneering along with trips to historical sites like Gettysburg, Battleship NJ, Washington DC, Valley Forge & more.


Our Scouts provide service to our local community by collecting food for our local food banks, providing clean up services for our bike paths and local parks, placing flags for our veterans and working with other community organizations such as the Police Department, Fire Department, VFW and religious organizations.

Our aim is to instill in our Scouts a sense of high moral character and a mindset of working together we can achieve anything and overcome any obstacle. 

Troop 94 always welcomes male youth between the age of 11-17 and their families from all walks of life to our organization.  If you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Troop 94 currently has 25-35 registered Scouts ranging from 11-17 years of age.  We are a Patrol oriented, Scout lead troop, meaning our youth members are responsible for the success of the program.  We believe that we learn the most by getting personally involved and working together to to get things done.  It is our core belief that if we can work together we can make our community stronger and as a result make ourselves stronger.  -  Check Out What We Do!

Youth Leadership

Senior Patrol Leader - Alex L.
Asst. Senior Patrol Leader - Alex N.
Patrol Leader - Sean C.
Patrol Leader - Matthew R.
Patrol Leader - Alex H.
Scribe - Ethan C.
Quartermaster - Luke P.
Quartermaster - Xavier J.

Adult Leadership

Scoutmaster - Blake North
Asst. Scoutmaster - Joe Lisa
Asst. Scoutmaster - Joe Antonelli
Asst. Scoutmaster - Charles Parks
Asst. Scoutmaster - Robert Johnson
Asst. Scoutmaster - Frank Britt Sr.
Asst. Scoutmaster - Ted Locke Sr.
Asst. Scoutmaster - Joe Rohr
Asst. Scoutmaster - Stacey Reap
Asst. Scoutmaster - Frank Carlin
Asst. Scoutmaster - Jeff Phruksaraj

Committee Members

Charter Representative - Richard Vogt
Committee Chairperson - Matthew Helm
Co-Committee Chair - Francesca Johnson

Unit Treasurer - Steve Van Der Molen
Unit Secretary
- Jennifer Parks
Advancement Coordinator - Angela Roscoe
Unit Fundraising - Patty McClish
Outdoor Coordinator - Robert Williams
Training Chairperson - Michelle Hodac
Equipment Coordinator - Neal Charydczak
Medical Officer - Lori Rohr
Media Coordinator 
- Samantha Cook
Committee Member - Anna Mozdzan
Committee Member - Julie Lisa
Committee Member - Kim Locke
Committee Member - Stephani Pedrick

Committee Member - Dawn Tepper